Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Every Lucky has its own story...

For the month of May, 35 of my small wearable sculptures are on display at the North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre.

Copper Lizard Studio – "Lucky Wearable Sculptures" created by Susanah Windrum are made of recycled, found and repurposed metal. Each Lucky is a whimsical character with lots of personality.

Discarded, lost, tossed or abandoned bits of metal have been found, scrubbed, shaped and lovingly made into a "Lucky" for you.

They attach to your clothing with exceptionally strong rare-earth magnets. There are no pins or clasps to create holes in your t-shirts, jackets, hats, ties or anything else you want to wear them on.

You might wonder how I got started making "Luckies". Even though I go by the name Susanah, my parents actually named me Penelope Susanah and as a young girl I was called Penny.

Consequently, I have always had a love for copper, coins and metal that changes. It seems that as soon as I could walk, I started looking for lucky pennies.

And during my life, I have found many abandoned pennies and a lot of odd treasures along the way. Treasures, like rusty pieces of tin, flattened bottle caps and other strange bits of metal. Luckily, I saw it as treasure not trash.

These days, I take all this bounty back to my studio, scrub it up and look at it. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, at first, all the pieces look the same and then I see a face, an arm, someone’s body and a new Lucky is born.

I love the process of creating something new, out of objects that once had a completely different origin.

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