Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chewy (3"x2"x3")

Five of my Little Metal Sculptures were part of THE WORKS Art & Design Festival 2010 in Edmonton, June 25 -July 7. These pieces were part of the Smaller Than a Breadbox Exhibition.

Smaller than a Breadbox
Works Public Participatory Project
Site # 2 City Hall, South
In a game of 20 Questions, asking "Is it bigger than a breadbox?" is sure to narrow the scope of the mystery object. In the realm of art, smaller works create a sense of mystery and fascination because of the care and intimacy involved with working on that scale.

For this exhibition, The Works invited artists from across the country to create and send in their artworks sized 3x3x6 inches or smaller. The size comes from a ceramic tradition of the Cone Box show, where artists make works of Clay that are able to fit inside an Orton Standard Pyrometric Cone Box. The Pryrometric cone is used by ceramicists to monitor kiln temperatures during firing.
For The Works Smaller Than a Breadbox exhibit, participants were encouraged to use any material make artwork within the prescribed dimensions.

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